Susan Collins

Gov. LePage sends Republicans after Sen. Collins on new health care repeal bill

In a message to the Maine Republican Party email list over the weekend, Governor Paul LePage took the unusual step of asking members of his party to pressure their own senior elected official, Senator Susan Collins, to support the latest federal health care repeal proposal. “I have been in close contact with many people working on this issue in Washington

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Dunlap is tearing down Trump’s bogus voter fraud commission from the inside

Earlier this year when Maine’s Secretary of State Matt Dunlap agreed to join President Trump’s national voter fraud commission–the so-called

Donald Trump

Maine bank fires executive over anti-Muslim Facebook posts

In a post to their Facebook page on Friday afternoon, Kennebunk Savings Bank announced that Dawn Robinson, who had been


Extreme weather highlights Rep. Poliquin’s climate change denial

The clear scientific consensus is that the power of the hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida over the last few


Question 2 means health care for some flinty folks in rural Maine

Jennie Pirkl, campaign manager for Mainers for Health Care, joins the Beacon Podcast this week to talk about Question 2

Susan Collins

Rep. Poliquin took thousands from Equifax, opposed forced arbitration protections

Last Thursday, financial data giant Equifax revealed that it had been the source of one of the largest breaches of


Mayhew announces endorsement by racist Facebook troll caucus

The Maine Democratic Party yesterday blasted former LePage DHHS chief and current Republican gubernatorial candidate Mary Mayhew for touting the


The Republican war on work

Although the Maine GOP has declared for the last few years that “Working People Vote Republican,”  in the last few

Paul LePage

Gov. LePage’s legacy: Maine now third in nation for extreme food insecurity

A new report released this week from the US Department of Agriculture found that while the nation as a whole

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Paul LePage

The war on Medicaid is moving to Maine

In the early 1960s, as the Johnson administration worked to enact Medicare and Medicaid, then-actor Ronald Reagan traveled the country


2016 minimum wage referendums have now put $2 billion into workers’ pockets

Total pay raises for American workers as a result of six 2016 ballot initiatives to raise the minimum wage in


Have you considered running for local office?

Labor Day weekend brings us many things: reflections on the blood, sweat, and tears shed over the last century to