A Constitutional challenge: The story behind the protest

A Constitutional challenge: The story behind the protest

On Thursday, a dozen Mainers stood up during Donald Trump’s Portland rally holding pocket copies of the U.S. Constitution. Photos and videos of their action, and the crowd’s hostile reaction, quickly went national, international and viral.

This week on the Beacon Podcast, Ben and Mike discuss the national events leading up to this political moment and the planning and effort that went into the inside action as well as the larger protests outside City Hall that day. They also talk about what went wrong and what went better than anyone could have expected.

Special thanks are due to Jennie Pirkl, Andrew Francis, Carissa Tinker, Daniel Sipe and all the other volunteers and staff who worked hard to respond to Trump’s bigotry with love and inspiration.

Mike and Ben also discuss Trump’s attack on Mainers from Somalia and the ongoing response from that community.

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