August 14, 2015 – The story behind Lewiston’s worst slumlords

August 14, 2015 – The story behind Lewiston’s worst slumlords

On Tuesday, the Maine People’s Alliance, the Neighborhood Housing League and other local housing advocates and experts held a press conference outside a dilapidated apartment building in Lewiston to release a report exposing Lewiston’s three worst slumlords. The report details their network of shell corporations, history of code violations, and the terrible (and sometimes life-threatening) conditions to which they subject their tenants.

The event received significant media coverage and prompted the City of Lewiston to announce publicly that they will be bringing suit against two of the landlords identified in the report.

In this podcast, MPA Lead Organizer Gen Lysen disccusses the event, the report and the months of organizing work that preceded both with MPA Communications Director Mike Tipping and Political Director Ben Chin.



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