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Gov. LePage sends Republicans after Sen. Collins on new health care repeal bill

In a message to the Maine Republican Party email list over the weekend, Governor Paul LePage took the unusual step of asking members of his party to pressure their own

racial justice

Maine bank fires executive over anti-Muslim Facebook posts

In a post to their Facebook page on Friday afternoon, Kennebunk Savings Bank announced that Dawn Robinson, who had been hired last month as the bank’s Chief Information Officer, was


Extreme weather highlights Rep. Poliquin’s climate change denial

The clear scientific consensus is that the power of the hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida over the last few weeks was increased by a warming atmosphere and ocean. These

Jennie Pirkl

Question 2 means health care for some flinty folks in rural Maine

Jennie Pirkl, campaign manager for Mainers for Health Care, joins the Beacon Podcast this week to talk about Question 2 on the ballot this November and share stories of some


Rep. Poliquin took thousands from Equifax, opposed forced arbitration protections

Last Thursday, financial data giant Equifax revealed that it had been the source of one of the largest breaches of sensitive personal information in history. The company’s initial response included


Gov. LePage’s legacy: Maine now third in nation for extreme food insecurity

A new report released this week from the US Department of Agriculture found that while the nation as a whole has continued to make progress against hunger, over the last


Hear from those whose lives hang in the balance this November

This week on the Beacon Podcast, we share the stories of two Mainers, Adam Foley and Lynnea Hawkins, who are among the 70,000 who face pain and risk to their

The Fairness Project

2016 minimum wage referendums have now put $2 billion into workers’ pockets

Total pay raises for American workers as a result of six 2016 ballot initiatives to raise the minimum wage in states across the country, including Maine, have hit $2 billion

Geoff Gratwick

At Bangor bus tour stop, doctors and health care advocates blast Rep. Poliquin

Maine health care providers, patients and community leaders gathered outside the Bangor Public Library on Thursday to welcome the Drive for Our Lives bus. The tour bus and its crew

health care

Together, we can take on the people with money and fancy suits

This week on the Beacon podcast, Taryn, Ben and Mike recap the Resistance Rising event in Lewiston, were candidates for high office had some substantive conversations with Maine progressives. They