Ben Chin’s response to racist attacks is just perfect

Ben Chin’s response to racist attacks is just perfect

More than a hundred Lewiston residents joined a rally on Main Street to denounce a set of racist signs attacking mayoral candidate Ben Chin.

The event, organized by the non-partisan Lewiston Rocks the Vote saw speeches and chants calling for the signs to be taken down and declaring that Lewiston is better than it has been portrayed in state and national media over the past twenty-four hours.

The highlight of the event was an off-the-cuff speech and prayer by Ben Chin. We’ll just let the video speak for itself:

“As hard as this day has been for us, it is harder to live in a building right now that doesn’t have heat,” said Chin. “We are not going to back off an inch from our commitment to stand up for what is right and continue to tell the truth.”

According to the Sun Journal, Chin’s opponent, incumbent mayor Bob Macdonald, knew about the plans for the signs a week before they went up. He claims to have opposed them, saying “I asked them, ‘Please don’t do this,’ and told them it is only going to come back on me and people are going to think I’m responsible for it and I am not.”

Macdonald did not clarify who “them” was in this context. He also didn’t explain why he hasn’t denounced the content of the signs and why he didn’t warn Chin of what his supporters were planning to do.

According to Chin campaign manager Gen Lysen, the best way for those who find these attacks offensive to express their support is to make a contribution to the campaign.


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