Have you considered running for local office?

Labor Day weekend brings us many things: reflections on the blood, sweat, and tears shed over the last century to secure dignity for workers in America, barbecues, and—for some of


UMaine community, administration respond to ‘horrific’ banners

UMaine senior Sam Saucier’s post yesterday calling out misogynist banners that targeted female students and arguing for restoration of funding for the university’s Women’s Resource Center has now been shared


Misogynist banners at UMaine underscore a lack of support for women on campus

Last Friday, thousands of first-year students and their families traveled to the University of Maine for move-in day. They were greeted by the traditional signs of Maine Hello, a UMaine

racial justice

It’s time to reclaim Maine’s legacy of fighting oppression

This week on the Beacon Podcast, Ben and Mike discuss Gov. Paul LePage’s continuing awful statements in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, the failures of education and popular

Maine Legislature

It’s Republican legislators, not Gov. LePage, who are blocking student debt relief

As we approach the end of a legislative session marked by some of the most intractable partisan conflict in our state’s history, a curious partnership has emerged in Augusta over


Maine Democrats need to express a vision for a better future, not sugarcoat defeat

This week on the Beacon Podcast, Ben, Taryn and Mike discuss the tactical and messaging missteps of Democrats in the legislature and why they matter now more than ever. Also:

Maine Legislature

State budget gives another round of tax cuts to the wealthiest, who already pay lowest rates

In the early hours of the morning on July 4th, Maine Lawmakers enacted a two year budget that repealed the voter approved three percent surcharge on household income over $200,000

Maine Legislature

Budget negotiations are more difficult when Democrats don’t stand for fair taxes

This week on the Beacon Podcast, Taryn has an observation, a question and a reflection about the state budget and argues that we should still have faith in the referendum


Giving in to Republican hostage-taking would make things far worse

With a final state budget deadline looming, Taryn and Mike discuss how Republicans have begun moving in the opposite direction from compromise, basically upping the ransom for the state they’re

Maine Legislature

Hundreds are protesting for a fair state budget – here are some of the best signs

More than two hundred Mainers packed the halls of the State House on Monday, calling on Republican legislators to stop holding up a budget agreement in an attempt to force