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Dunlap is tearing down Trump’s bogus voter fraud commission from the inside

Earlier this year when Maine’s Secretary of State Matt Dunlap agreed to join President Trump’s national voter fraud commission–the so-called Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity–many Mainers and progressives around

racial justice

Maine bank fires executive over anti-Muslim Facebook posts

In a post to their Facebook page on Friday afternoon, Kennebunk Savings Bank announced that Dawn Robinson, who had been hired last month as the bank’s Chief Information Officer, was

Maine Democratic Party

Mayhew announces endorsement by racist Facebook troll caucus

The Maine Democratic Party yesterday blasted former LePage DHHS chief and current Republican gubernatorial candidate Mary Mayhew for touting the endorsements of some of the most extreme members of the

Jonathan Fulford

Together, we can take on the people with money and fancy suits

This week on the Beacon podcast, Taryn, Ben and Mike recap the Resistance Rising event in Lewiston, were candidates for high office had some substantive conversations with Maine progressives. They

racial justice

It’s time to reclaim Maine’s legacy of fighting oppression

This week on the Beacon Podcast, Ben and Mike discuss Gov. Paul LePage’s continuing awful statements in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, the failures of education and popular

racial justice

Maine’s own racist monument

On Tuesday, Maine Governor Paul LePage, as part of a series of false and inflammatory statements, ridiculously claimed that 7,600 Mainers had fought for the Confederacy.

racial justice

Words aren’t enough to stop the white supremacist movement

As Maine and the rest of the United States continue to grapple with the traumatic resurgence of ultra-nationalism, neo-Naziism, and domestic terror evinced by the shocking events in Charlottesville, citizens

Deqa Dhalac

Mainers rally against racism

More than a thousand people gathered in Payson Park in Portland on Sunday for a march and gathering for racial justice. The event was part of a national day of

Paul LePage

Gov. LePage’s Nazi-coddling remarks are both morally and factually wrong

This week on the Beacon podcast, Ben, Mike and Taryn go line-by-unfortunate-line through Governor Paul LePage’s comments on the tragedy in Charlottesville, his “both sides” empowering of white supremacists and

Maine Legislature

How progressive are your Maine legislators?

21 legislators received perfect scores on the Maine People’s Alliance’s annual legislative scorecard, released today, which examined how votes taken by lawmakers in the first session of the 128th legislature