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The real story: How four Senate Democrats sold out Maine’s asylum seekers

The fight to make sure Maine continues General Assistance (GA) funding for asylum seekers and prevents more than a thousand families from becoming homeless likely ended on Monday. That’s when

Paul LePage

Ron Schmidt: How to respond to an immoral budget

The novelist Thomas Mann once asked, “what good would politics be, if it didn’t give everyone the opportunity to make moral compromises?” That might read as humorous cynicism, but Mann

Maine Legislature

Small business group’s radio ads criticize Fredette, Maine House GOP on state budget

“Ken Fredette and the House Republicans are threatening to shut down the state government unless they can get more tax breaks for the rich,” intones a new ad running on

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How Maine’s legislature can pass a budget and prevent a state shutdown

After the Bangor Daily News broke the story on a proposed compromise budget plan last night and then a number of media outlets today reported that the deal was off,

state budget

Seniors speak up as Maine’s legislative session winds down

On Monday night, hundreds of Mainers from across the state joined a telephone town hall with Nora Super, Executive Director at the White House Conference on Aging, and Mark Eves,

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Rep. Fecteau calls out corporate tax credit ‘slush fund’

A grand total of $33.4 million of taxpayer money was used as a slush fund for shrewd investors. In a state like Maine where every budgeted dollar counts, all attempts to get this money back must be taken.

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Committee votes to halt tax credit scam, but Republicans stand with Cate Street

After a heated discussion in the Maine legislature’s Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development committee on Thursday, a majority voted in favor of an amended bill that would allow the

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17 times Gov. LePage blatantly lied at his town hall meetings

These are clear, unambiguous statements about important policy issues that are completely at odds with reality and easily proven false.

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The story behind the scapegoating: Maine immigrants speak out

Yesterday, more than 600 people marched in Portland in support of Maine’s refugees and asylum seekers, who have been singled out by Governor LePage and Republicans in the legislature in

Paul LePage

Even Dick Cheney would think Gov. LePage’s income tax plan is extreme

Governor LePage wants to amend the state constitution to get rid of Maine’s income tax, but a bipartisan legislative committee just made it very unlikely that he’ll get his way.