Don’t be fooled: Gov. LePage is trying to make Trumpcare even worse

Don’t be fooled: Gov. LePage is trying to make Trumpcare even worse

This week on the Beacon Podcast, Taryn and Mike are joined by Robyn Merrill of Maine Equal Justice Partners to discuss the Republican health care plan, the state budget and what’s next for progressive organizing after the Resistance Summit last weekend.

They explain why LePage hates the Republican health care proposal: Despite costing far more and covering far fewer people than Obamacare, with tax cuts for the wealthy paid for by the poor, sick and elderly, he doesn’t think it cuts people off of health care quite fast enough. Also, even this far-right plan still incentivizes states to expand Medicaid coverage (a proposal he has vetoed five times and is now headed to the ballot this November).

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Photo via Sue Aubrey.


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