Dr. Bronner’s soap changes label to support Maine minimum wage referendum

Dr. Bronner’s soap changes label to support Maine minimum wage referendum

Dozens of leading natural products from around the country are showing their support for fair wages by actively supporting the campaign to raise Maine’s minimum wage, Yes on Question 4.

Earlier this year, Dr Bronner’s, Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, and The Fairness Project launched the national Fair Pay Today Campaign. Fair Pay Today is bringing the message that raising the minimum wage is “Good for Business, Good for Us All!” direct to consumers through special product labels, in-store displays, social media, product giveaways and support of ballot initiatives, including donating to campaigns working to raise the minimum wage.

The Fair Pay Today Campaign includes companies such as Dr. Bronner’s, the top natural soap brand in North America, Alter Eco, Badger Balm, Earth Friendly Products/makers of ECOS, Guayaki, Maggie’s Organics, Maine Root, Organic India USA, Organic Valley, Stonyfield, Seventh Generation, Topricin, Cambridge Naturals, MOM’s Organic Market and many more. These and other companies are putting their brands on the line to show that fair pay is a key ingredient in healthy products and raising the minimum wage is vital for a healthy economy.

Keep an eye out in natural products stores across Maine for specially-marked products from these brands announcing their support for their referendum!

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Will Ikard is director of the Maine Small Business Coalition, which represents more than four thousand small business owners across Maine.


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