Gov. LePage’s latest lie shows he hasn’t read minimum wage law

Gov. LePage’s latest lie shows he hasn’t read minimum wage law

At a town hall meeting last week, Maine Governor Paul LePage upbraided and mocked an audience member for disputing his claim that over 420,000 Maine voters didn’t understand what they were voting on when they said “Yes” to raising Maine’s minimum wage.

“I don’t believe that you have read the 32 pages behind the minimum wage question. Have you read it?” LePage said to an attendee of his town hall in Biddeford.

The law is not, in fact, 32 pages. It’s closer to one typed page.

The question on the ballot, the longest for any citizens’ initiative in Maine history, clearly spelled out the specific timing and amounts of the minimum wage increase, which will reach $12 in 2020, and the subminimum wage for tipped workers, which will slowly increase until it reaches the full minimum wage in 2027.

LePage’s lie is part of a continuing campaign to discredit the referendum and cut the minimum wage.

“Thanks to Question 4, 181,000 Mainers will get a raise. Families will be able to put food on the tables for their kids. Restaurant servers won’t have to rely solely on tips from their customers for their wages. Working seniors will be able to afford to pay their bills and buy their prescriptions,” said Mainers for Fair Wages campaign manager Amy Halsted. “We need to speak to our legislators now, and make sure they know the importance of respecting the will of the voters and not even consider cutting the minimum wage.”

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