Happy National Voter Registration Day!

Happy National Voter Registration Day!

Local voting-rights advocates are hoping the first presidential debate primed the pump to get more Mainers registered to vote.

Today is National Voter Registration Day, and Jill Ward, the president of Maine’s League of Women Voters said they hope to get across the message that it is important to be registered to vote.

“We really do want to raise awareness about voter registration,” she explained. “We want people to feel prepared. We want them to be prepared with the facts on what they need to be registered to vote, and vote on Election Day.”

Ward said Maine has some of the highest voter turnout in the nation. Part of the reason, she said, is that the state adopted “same-day registration.” Still, she believes it is critical for as many Mainers as possible get the message about the importance of voting.

Ward said events are planned across the state today to reach out to voters of all ages and to newly eligible younger voters to make sure they are registered.

“We’re doing them in libraries, farmer’s markets, we’re doing them at high schools to get some of our newer voters, high school seniors who are eligible to register to vote,” Ward said. “We’re doing them on college campuses.”

In the Bangor area, a National Voter Registration Day event is planned for the Bear’s Den at the University of Maine. Other events are planned for Central Maine and Portland. Partners in the drive include dozens of national groups including the League of Women Voters, MTV, Twitter, Google and Rock the Vote.


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