Health care advocates plan to deliver pink slips to Rep. Poliquin’s office

Health care advocates plan to deliver pink slips to Rep. Poliquin’s office

Mainers angered by Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s vote in favor of the House Republicans’ health care repeal bill last week, which is projected to cut health care for 24 million people, are making their disapproval known. They’re collecting messages from Maine voters which they’ll be delivering on pink slips of paper to Poliquin’s Bangor office at noon on Wednesday, sending the message that the congressman should be fired in 2018.

“Now we know why Bruce Poliquin was hiding from the public. If I was planning to vote to cut health care for 24 million Americans in order to give the wealthiest 1% a tax break, I’d probably try to hide too,” wrote Maine People’s Alliance executive director Jesse Graham in an email over the weekend announcing the action. “No amount of spin from Poliquin will change the fact that he’s wildly out of step with what Mainers want. It’s time he hears from us that this vote will cost him his job.”

Poliquin has been criticized both for his eventual support for the repeal bill and his long refusal to tell his constituents where he stood on the issue.

“He should be ashamed,” read Sunday’s Portland Press Herald editorial. “The biggest losers would be the poorest, oldest and sickest people in America, including many residents of Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, who are allegedly represented by Poliquin.”

“Poliquin should be held accountable for what’s in the reckless bill that he enthusiastically supported,” noted the editorial board.

Co-sponsors of the pink slip event include Maine People’s Alliance, Planned Parenthood Action, Maine Equal Justice Partners, Hancock County Democrats, Mainers For Accountable Leadership, and Indivisible: Bangor.

“Rep. Poliquin voted for a health care plan that will take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions and take us back to a system where Mainers paid more for less coverage. His vote makes drastic cuts to Medicaid so that the wealthy can get a tax break. And it cuts funding for Planned Parenthood, meaning working mothers can’t get the reproductive health care they need,” said Graham. “We will continue to fight to prevent this bill from passing in the Senate, but first we need to hold Poliquin accountable.”

Send a pink slip to Rep. Poliquin

Photo: Constituents visit Rep. Poliquin’s Bangor office before the vote, delivering letters against the health care repeal.


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