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Hundreds are protesting for a fair state budget – here are some of the best signs

More than two hundred Mainers packed the halls of the State House on Monday, calling on Republican legislators to stop holding up a budget agreement in an attempt to force


Mainers praised for health care activism, and they aren’t slowing down

The Republican health care repeal effort has sparked a firestorm of protest across the country, but it was activists in Maine who came immediately to mind for Ezra Levin, a co-founder of the Indivisible movement, when asked about opposition to the Senate bill on the Rachel Maddow show on Monday

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What are national Democrats missing? Policy-focused, progressive candidates

After the special elections for Congress in South Carolina and Georgia last week, Democrats are 0-4. While smart people rightly point out that, despite these losses, these Democratic candidates are still over-performing Hilary Clinton in 2016 by an average of 14 points, putting up 80 House seats in play for

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Gov. LePage says he’ll shut down government out of spite, even if budget agreement reached

According to lawmakers familiar with a meeting between Governor Paul LePage and House Speaker Sara Gideon held Friday, LePage has declared that if the legislature reaches a budget agreement different from the plan he has advanced along with House Republicans (and which the three other legislative caucuses have rejected), he will delay signing the bill for as long as possible


Maine religious leaders urge Sen. Collins to take a stand against health care repeal

Members of Faith in Public Life and Mainers for Accountable Leadership rallied in  Portland’s Lobsterman Park on Friday to urge Senator Susan Collins to oppose the Republican health care repeal plan. “Speaking with one voice, we implore you to oppose the Better Care Reconciliation Act on moral grounds,” said Sister Jackie Moreau of Portland. “Amid all this needless suffering, it carves


House Republicans hiding and covering their windows is the perfect metaphor for state budget negotiations

This week on the Beacon podcast, Taryn, Ben and Mike talk about some bills being considered by the legislature that aren’t the state budget (for a few blissful moments), then give a budget update, discuss the Senate health care repeal bill, and explore Ben’s theory for national political change. Plus, rays of hope! Subscribe to the podcast feed right here

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