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Maine Legislature

Gov. LePage’s Nazi-coddling remarks are both morally and factually wrong

This week on the Beacon podcast, Ben, Mike and Taryn go line-by-unfortunate-line through Governor Paul LePage’s comments on the tragedy in Charlottesville, his “both sides” empowering of white supremacists and

health care

Gov. LePage’s veto of Medicaid expansion has pushed hospitals to the financial brink

Last year, half of Maine’s hospitals ran an operating deficit. According to figures from the Maine Health Data Organization, two thirds of Maine’s hospitals have just one month’s cash on hand (or less). Why is this important for Mainers? Not only are hospitals the primary providers of health care in the state, they

Matt Dunlap

Health care expansion will be Question 2 on Maine’s ballot this November

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap today conducted a random drawing to assign numbers for citizens’ initiatives that will appear on the November 7th ballot. The effort to expand Medicaid coverage, titled “An Act To Enhance Access to Affordable Health Care,” will be Question 2. “A ‘Yes’ vote on Question

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human rights

Mayhew’s excuses for DHHS abuses are absolutely ridiculous

Last week, the federal Office of the Inspector General released the results of their audit of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services’ management of a program tasked with monitoring the treatment of Medicare beneficiaries with developmental disabilities receiving home-based care. Their findings were absolutely staggering. Not only did DHHS utterly fail at a systemic level to refer cases


I was a white supremacist

I have lived in Maine since junior high, but I’m originally from Metairie, Louisiana. My grandfather was a Grand Wizard in the KKK.

health care

Mary Mayhew’s dark legacy

Mary Mayhew, recently head of Governor LePage’s DHHS and now a candidate for governor, has left a legacy of suffering in her wake. This week, new revelations exposed her failure to investigate the deaths of Mainers with developmental disabilities in the care of her department.

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