How we collected 90,000 signatures to raise Maine’s minimum wage

How we collected 90,000 signatures to raise Maine’s minimum wage

This week on the Beacon Podcast, Maine People’s Alliance Communications Director Mike Tipping and Midcoast Organizer Caroline Ginsberg explain how a months-long volunteer effort, culminating on Election Day, contributed to gathering more than enough signatures to place a minimum wage increase on the 2016 ballot and also helped to build a broader base for progressive organizing in Maine.

Caroline and Mike also discuss the recent scapegoating of refugees by Governor Paul LePage and other Republicans, her work on integrated, sustainable food systems and the unfortunate vote by Republican leaders in the Maine House and Senate to continue payouts to corporate scam artists who exploited the New Markets tax credit program.

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Photo: Caroline Ginsberg training volunteers on signature gathering at the Midcoast office opening in June


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