Howard Dean: Maine voters have a historic opportunity

Howard Dean: Maine voters have a historic opportunity

If you agree that Maine’s next governor should be elected by a majority of voters in a campaign defined by issues, not incivility, join me in supporting the campaign to win Ranked Choice Voting this November.

It’s a blight on democracy when candidates can be elected to office even though 60% of voters oppose them. Without a majority standard, you can’t hold power accountable, and campaigns become increasingly negative.

rcv_deliveryRaces with more than two candidates are common in Maine, and often result in winners elected by less than half of voters. Major parties can react to elections like these in one of two ways: fight the very existence of third parties and independent candidates, or change laws to handle increased voter choice.

Ranked Choice Voting represents the more democratic approach.

Maine voters have a historic opportunity this year to restore majority rule, and to curb the increasingly negative character of campaigns. Hundreds of current and former elected officials, business and labor leaders, clergy, local newspapers, and good government groups have already endorsed Ranked Choice Voting.

The campaign needs your help now to deliver its positive message to voters and win at the ballot box in less than six months.

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Gov. Howard Dean, M.D., was Governor of Vermont from 1991 - 2003 and Chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2005 - 2009. He founded Democracy for America in 2004.


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