Hundreds are protesting for a fair state budget – here are some of the best signs

Hundreds are protesting for a fair state budget – here are some of the best signs

More than two hundred Mainers packed the halls of the State House on Monday, calling on Republican legislators to stop holding up a budget agreement in an attempt to force through new tax breaks for the wealthy. Participants warned against a state shutdown, advocated for school funding and against railed cuts to General Assistance and other vital programs. They demanded that legislators honor the will of the voters and the approval of Question 2, which increased taxes on yearly income over $200,000 to fully fund local schools.



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I worked hard volunteering to pass Question 2. I won’t vote for any politician who ignores it.

I care about my community. That’s why, last year, I went out in sub-zero temperatures and rain storms to knock on the doors of friends, neighbors, and perfect strangers to


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