King, Pingree call for independent Russia investigation following Comey’s firing

King, Pingree call for independent Russia investigation following Comey’s firing

Saying the move by President Donald Trup to fire FBI director James Comey “just doesn’t add up and raises more questions than it answers,” U.S. Senator Angus King called for the appointment of an independent prosecutor to investigate links between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia, whose agents interfered in the election to benefit Trump.

“[Comey’s] dismissal is especially troubling given that there is an ongoing FBI investigation into contacts between Russia and the Trump campaign,” said King in a media statement. “His firing undermines confidence in the credibility of that process, and to restore it – both for me and for the American people – I believe it is not only appropriate, but urgently necessary to appoint a Special Counsel to carry forward the investigation. Meanwhile, I expect the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation to continue to proceed in a nonpartisan manner and follow the facts wherever they lead.”

King reiterated his concerns in an interview with NPR, saying he lacks confidence in the independence of Trump-appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Maine first-district Democratic congresswoman Chellie Pingree made similar comments on Tuesday night.

“You’re fired is not something you should be able to tell the guy investigating you. This isn’t a game show,” tweeted Pingree. “It’s time we had an outside, special prosecutor who cannot be fired by Trump!”

Maine’s Republican members of Congress, Senator Susan Collins and Representative Bruce Poliquin, however, backed Trump’s decision, with Collins calling it “inevitable” and Poliquin expressing continued support for an internal probe by the Justice Department.


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