Maine Democrats protest Rep. Poliquin’s vote to privatize Medicare

Maine Democrats protest Rep. Poliquin’s vote to privatize Medicare

Maine Democratic Party Executive Director Jeremy Kennedy and a group of party activists delivered a report card to the Bangor office of Republican Congressman Bruce Poliquin on Tuesday, giving him an “F” in several categories, including his vote for the House Republican budget bill in March, which would privatize Medicare, repeal the affordable care act, and turn Medicaid into a block grant program.

“Congressman Poliquin wants Maine families to think he’s working for them down in Washington, but his record proves otherwise,” said Kennedy. “He was ‘excited’ to vote for the House Republican budget, which would be disastrous for Maine’s hardworking families, seniors and students. We need a representative who will advocate for Mainers, not corporate interests and Republican brinkmanship.”

The bill Poliquin voted for has been roundly criticized by groups advocating for senior citizens and health care accessibility.

“The House GOP’s budget would privatize Medicare with a voucher plan, leaving seniors and the disabled – some of our most vulnerable Americans – hostage to the whims of private insurance companies,” said National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare President Max Richtman in a contemporary release. “Over time, this will end traditional Medicare and make it harder for seniors to choose their own doctor.”

The Democrats also criticized Poliquin for voting to cut Pell Grants for college students, failing to invest in transportation infrastructure, and for taking tens of thousands of dollars from the same financial firms he’s meant to be regulating as a member of the House Financial Services Committee.


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