Maine Democrats seek public input on issues and strategy

Maine Democrats seek public input on issues and strategy

The Maine Democratic Party is conducting a series of public forums and is promoting an online survey to gauge Maine progressives’ passions and priorities.

“Now more than ever, Maine needs a strong Democratic party. People are counting on us to stand up for an economy and health care system that work for everyone, preserve environmental regulations, protect civil and human rights, and more,” wrote Maine Democratic Party Chair Phil Bartlett in an email to supporters announcing the outreach. “We promise to continue advancing our Democratic values and resisting Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda, and we want to be certain that we are coming out swinging for the fights you think are most important.”

The Party held its first “Values and Vision Public Forums” over the weekend and saw packed houses in Wilton and Rockport. Six more events are planned for locations across the state.

The consultation comes after a difficult election for Democrats, both in Maine and across the country. Maine’s Second District Electoral College vote was won by Donald Trump in a break from decades of success for Democrats in Maine in Presidential elections and, while Democrats maintained control of the State House of Representatives, Republicans held on in the State Senate and defended the seat of freshman congressional incumbent Bruce Poliquin.

The online survey asks Democrats to rate the importance of Party platform planks, help to set strategic priorities for party staff, and asks what issues affect respondents most directly.

“We need to develop a unified vision with input and support from every part of our state in order to be an effective statewide party,” wrote Bartlett. “It’s time to stand together and build a future we can all be proud of.”

Photo: A public forum in Rockport, via Maine Democratic Party official site.


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