Maine family’s video response to Gov. LePage’s racism goes viral

Maine family’s video response to Gov. LePage’s racism goes viral

Almost 10,000 people have already viewed a video Yvette McDonnell and her family posted to Facebook responding to Maine Governor Paul LePage’s escalating series of racially-charged remarks.

“We are the McDonnell family and we are homeowners, taxpayers, a drug and alcohol counselor and so much more,” wrote McDonnell in her post. “In light of recent comments by the Governor of Maine, our family has created a response to LePage’s comment naming people of color and Hispanics the enemy.”

In the video, the Yvette and Bob McDonnell and their young daughter Anjali discuss how it feels to live and work in Western Maine and to have a governor who has targeted people of color.

“It does not matter who we look like, it matters who we are,” says Anjali. “I believe that it’s just the skin color you have. Under that skin is your body; that’s what matters.”

Yvette is asking other Mainers to make their own videos and photos and send them to to create a montage. She is also hosting a meeting at the Maine People’s Alliance office in Portland today from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. to make signs and videos.


The McDonnell’s aren’t the only ones speaking out on Facebook. A video by the pastor and congregants of the Green Memorial AME Zion Church in Portland speaking out against LePage’s racist remarks has already been viewed more than 17,000 times.


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