Mainers deliver messages in pill bottles asking Sen. Collins to oppose health care repeal

Mainers deliver messages in pill bottles asking Sen. Collins to oppose health care repeal

On Wednesday, health care advocates delivered more than a hundred pill bottles to the office of Senator Susan Collins, each containing a personal story or message from a constituent asking Collins to oppose the Republican health care repeal plan.

The delivery comes as Senate Republicans are reportedly beginning to coalesce around a version of a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act and make deep cuts to Medicaid, stripping health care from millions of Americans. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has indicated a desire to bring a bill to the Senate floor before the July 3rd recess.

“The messages in these bottles, Senator Collins, are here to tell you that Maine cannot afford rollbacks or cuts to affordable health care because such things force Maine’s most vulnerable citizens to make choices between food, rent, heat and other necessities like transportation, and their medications,” said Marie Pineo, who has coverage for a pre-existing heart condition through Medicaid. “They say ‘Health is Wealth.’ I am here to tell you that health is everything.”

A dozen others, including members of Mainers for Accountable Leadership and the Maine People’s Alliance, also shared their stories of being covered through the Affordable Care Act or Medicaid with Sen. Collins’ staff and expressed their fears about what could happen if a repeal bill is passed.


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