Mainers for Accountable Elections launches first campaign ad

Mainers for Accountable Elections, the coalition supporting a “Yes” vote on Question 1 this November in order to restore and strengthen Maine’s clean elections system, has lunched its first campaign ad.

“We are getting to work now, educating voters about this referendum and how it will put control of elections back in the hands of Maine voters,” said Andrew Bossie of Mainers for Accountable Elections.

It’s not clear from the campaign’s statement how widely the 49-second online ad is being distributed.

The policy behind the referendum would increase election transparency by requiring greater disclosure by political campaigns and interest groups, toughen penalties for violations of campaign finance law, and strengthen Maine’s opt-in system of public campaign financing.

“Question 1 puts our government back in the hands of Mainers, so politicians will focus on the issues that matter to us, like education, creating jobs, and raising the minimum wage,” explains the ad’s narrator.


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