Mainers from Iraq mourn lives lost in ISIS attack

Mainers from Iraq mourn lives lost in ISIS attack

Following recent suicide bombings in Baghdad, Mainers from Iraq came together to hold a vigil at First Parish Church on Congress Street in Portland this week to remember loved ones who lost their lives and stand together in a prayer for peace.

During the last few days of the holy month of Ramadan, an attack took place in the neighborhood of Karrada in Baghdad, Iraq. A truck bomb was detonated at a mall where many people were preparing to break their fast for Eid-al-fitr, a feast which marks the end of Ramadan. Over 300 people were killed, many of whom were children, and 200 were injured.

There are now around 5,000 Iraqi immigrants in Maine, mainly living in Portland, Westbrook, and Lewiston. Along with other immigrant groups, their community has been targeted both politically and rhetorically in recent months by Governor LePage and other Republican politicians.

Some of those at the rally however, say Maine people themselves have received them warmly as they’ve fled from violence in their home country.

“Maine is a great place. People here are very accepting,” Noor Ibrahim, a liberal arts student at Southern Maine Community College, told the Portland Press Herald.

Photo via Iraqi society of Maine


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