Mainers paid their taxes today, so should the wealthy and big corporations

Mainers paid their taxes today, so should the wealthy and big corporations

Today is tax day for most Mainers. It’s a time when I reflect on just how skewed towards the wealthy and powerful our state tax system is.

Thanks to Governor LePage, state income taxes are much more regressive than even a few years ago. And he wants to make them even more so. For some reason, LePage thinks that the wealthiest Mainers – those who benefit the most from effective government services like police, road maintenance, and schools – shouldn’t have to pay their fair share of the cost.

The same is true for corporate taxes. I’m a small business owner and I pay all of my taxes every year. It’s just the right thing to do. Unfortunately, many multinational corporations that do business in Maine don’t agree. They escape taxes using inversions, shell corporations, and offshore tax havens. This legislative session, for the third time in as many years, Republicans again blocked the closing of a loophole that allows multinational companies to move overseas to avoid Maine taxes.

We probably won’t get a truly fair tax system until we get new leadership in Augusta. In the meantime, we can make progress by voting Yes on the Stand Up for Students referendum this November. This proposal would place a 3% surcharge on income over $200,000 – only the richest 2% of Mainers – to fully fund the state’s responsibility to pay for K-12 education. Stand Up for Students will help Maine schools, improve the state’s economy, and make the wealthiest Mainers pay their fair share.

I support it and hope you will too. Learn more at

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Stephen Gottlieb has owned several businesses in the Midcoast, including the beloved Boothbay Center Café. He is a member of the Maine Small Business Coalition.


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