Mainers plan to meet Trump with peaceful protest

Mainers plan to meet Trump with peaceful protest

Mainers are planning to make sure a visit by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to Portland this Thursday is met with a show of opposition to his candidacy, his racist and bigoted policies and his horrific remarks and personal conduct on a wide range of issues.

Activists with the Maine People’s Alliance have begun organizing a protest outside City Hall, across the street from Merrill Auditorium, where Trump will be speaking.

Trump’s visit comes as his attacks on the family of a Muslim service-member killed in Iraq continue to draw widespread condemnation, including from elected officials in his own party.

A protest during Trump’s last visit to Portland during the Primary campaign drew hundreds of participants.

“Those of you that are standing here now are on the right side of history,” said Pious Ali, a Portland school board member who helped organize the event in March. “We came together today to show the public that we can make America great not through hatred and xenophobia, but by working together. We can disagree with each other politically and ideologically, but we don’t have to hate each other, and call each other names.”

A protest of Trump’s visit to Bangor last month similarly saw large crowds holding signs with an outline of the state of Maine and the message “No Place for Racism.”


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