Maine’s newspapers call for investigation, impeachment of Gov. LePage

Maine’s newspapers call for investigation, impeachment of Gov. LePage

In editorials printed this morning, the editorial boards of Maine’s two largest newspapers called for an investigation into Governor Paul LePage’s actions in threatening to pull funding meant to help at-risk youth from a school run by Good Will-Hinckley. LePage apparently made the threat (and may have partially carried it through) in order to force the non-profit to fire House Speaker Mark Eves, LePage’s political rival, who had recently been hired as the organization’s president.

“The attorney general should investigate whether LePage broke the law,” was the headline from the Bangor Daily News editorial, which suggests that Maine’s laws against “official opression” and “improper influence” may have been broken.

“The Maine House should immediately begin an investigation of the governor, and if no new facts emerge that put his conduct in a positive light, he should be impeached and tried in the state Senate,” declared the editorial board of the Portland Press Herald.

Attorney General Janet Mills has said she is “very troubled” by LePage’s actions and a group of legislators has begun investigating their options to hold LePage accountable, including censure and impeachment.


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