Maine’s superwealthy don’t seem to mind tax fairness referendum

Maine’s superwealthy don’t seem to mind tax fairness referendum

In this week’s episode of the Beacon Podcast, Ben and Mike discuss new support among small business owners for the minimum wage campaign, the announcement of new federal payday lending rules and they continue their conversation with Rep. Adam Goode and Rep. Ryan Tipping-Spitz.

On the issue of the Stand Up for Students referendum, Goode and Tipping-Spitz express surprise that, despite serving on the tax and education committees, they haven’t heard any Mainers making more than $200,000 a year complaining about the ballot initiative and note that there was no effort in the legislature to derail it with a competing measure, as there was with the minimum wage.

“It’s a referendum that’s not even bothering those very wealthy people. It’s crazy that theres a referendum that’s going to reverse part of the LePage tax cuts and the people the governor has portrayed as wanting this or demanding this, they aren’t even asking for it to stop,” said Goode.

“I didn’t get even a single call against that one,” agrees Tipping-Spitz.

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