Majority of Lewiston City Council endorses Ben Chin for mayor

Majority of Lewiston City Council endorses Ben Chin for mayor

In a display of political unity not usually seen in Lewiston municipal politics, four of the seven members of the incoming Lewiston City Council endorsed Ben Chin’s campaign for Mayor today in an event at Rainbow Bicycle on Lisbon Street.

“We need to elect a mayor who can lead Lewiston with a more positive image, find common ground among those with diverse interests, and advance practical ideas to deal with our most important issues. We need a mayor who can unite us,” said Jim Lysen, Councilor-elect for Ward 1.

After winning a 44% plurality in an initial round of voting, Chin faces a runoff election against incumbent Mayor Robert Macdonald on December 8th.

The other councilors endorsing Chin are Isobel Moiles (Ward 3), Kristen Cloutier (Ward 5) and Joline Beam (Ward 6). They cited Chin’s  work ethic, his positive campaign and ability to bring Lewiston residents together and improve the city’s public reputation as reason for their support.

“Ben is one of the hardest workers I have ever known and it’s no secret that he and I have known each other for a long time, starting when he was a student at Bates College,” Cloutier, an incumbent councilor who won re-election earlier this month. “For as long as I have known him, Ben has advocated for Lewiston’s residents, locally, at the state-level and nationally. He cares deeply about this city and has gone to bat for us on issues such as school funding and revenue sharing. I have no doubt that Ben will continue to fight hard to get the residents of Lewiston their fair share from Augusta and beyond.”

Rainbow Bicycle owner John Grenier, who hosted the event, said he was supporting Chin because of his plans for economic development and “because he sees promise in our city and has looked to business owners like me in developing his platform.”

“I am humbled by this show of support and I look forward to working closely with every member of the City Council if I’m elected Mayor,” said Chin. “This is one of the most experienced and talented city councils in recent memory. I’ve put forward a detailed plan to move Lewiston forward and the support of so many great councilors will be critical in ensuring we can hit the ground running.”

No city councilors have publicly endorsed Macdonald for re-election.

Photo: Lewiston City Councilor Jolene Beam (Ward 6) speaks at an endorsement press conference.


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