New Senate Democratic leaders pledge to ‘fight like hell’ for working Mainers

New Senate Democratic leaders pledge to ‘fight like hell’ for working Mainers

Troy Jackson of Allagash, who is returning to the Maine State Senate this January after two-years out of office, has been selected by his colleagues to serve as leader of the Democratic caucus. He will take up the post of Minority Leader in a chamber where Democrats gained two seats but Republicans still hold an 18-to-17 majority.

Jackson immediately pledged to lead on populist issues, including fair wages and accessible health care.

“Working folks, the little guys, need champions to protect them from the rich and the powerful. People in Maine are frustrated. They’re concerned about where we’re going. Where will they make a living? How will they take care of their kids? How will they pay for college, and health insurance?” said Jackson in a release. “We, as Senate Democrats, need to fight like hell for those people, and we’re going to. That’s my promise to my colleagues, and to the people of Maine.”

Both Jackson and Lewiston Senator Nate Libby, who was elected as Assisitant Minority Leader, said they would oppose any efforts to roll back the referendums just passed by Maine voters, including a minimum wage increase and a new tax on the wealthy to fund education.

“The fundamental values of our caucus are Maine’s core values. We will support policies that expand opportunity, protect equality and promote fairness in our political and economic system,” said Libby.

Photo: Jackson campaigning with Sen. Bernie Sanders, from official website.


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