Nicola Chin: Progressives should lead the way on Question 5

Nicola Chin: Progressives should lead the way on Question 5

Question 5 to enact Ranked Choice Voting will give more voice and more choice to Maine Voters. It eliminates “vote splitting” and the “spoiler effect.” I am fired up about this issue and following up on the house party we hosted in Lewiston this summer, I wanted to share some important updates and links.

This common-sense reform has broad support among Maine voters. In recent weeks, The Committee for Ranked Choice Voting rolled out an impressive Campaign Committee, a geographically and politically diverse group of forty-two prominent Maine leaders. On top of that, the release of an ambitious sixty-member County Co-Chair list demonstrates state-wide support for fixing a broken system and implementing Ranked Choice Voting .

A full list of Campaign Committee members is available here and the County Co-Chair list can be viewed here.

There are some pundits and politicians, including Governor LePage, who have made false claims about Ranked Choice Voting. As progressives, it’s up to us to fight back and lead the charge for a better voting system – just as we led the way to protect same-day voter registration and strengthen clean elections.

The turmoil in Augusta has taught us that we need to change the way we elect our leaders, especially when politicians can get elected with less than 40% of the vote If we don’t have Ranked Choice Voting in place for the 2018 election for governor and U.S. Senate, and for other down ballot races with more than two candidates, we can expect more of the same.

To learn more about “Yes on 5,” please visit

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