One Maine mother’s powerful call to action against Donald Trump

One Maine mother’s powerful call to action against Donald Trump

Remarks as delivered at a protest outside Donald Trump’s Portland, Maine rally on August 4th:

“My name is Marena Blanchard.

I am a Portland resident, early childhood educator, and a mother. I am here today, with all of you, to stand up. To speak out. For our children.

I ask you, What kind of world are we creating for our children to inherit? Will we allow a man who uses his platform to spread prejudice and bigotry become the leader of our nation? What kind of role model will he be for our children?

The other day a friend of mine was on Congress St. enjoying coffee outside in the sunshine when three white men yelled at her: ‘Vote Trump. Make America Great Again. White lives matter.’ Yes, in Portland.

We are here today to say No to Trump. No to racism. And No to violence. We are here today to affirm that love will win. We are here today to commit to action.

We will act. We will register to vote. We will take these green cards and register our friends to vote. We will do this for our children so that they may know a world where love trumps hate.”


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