Poll: Clinton comes roaring back in Maine

Poll: Clinton comes roaring back in Maine

Polling numbers for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton have significantly improved in Maine in recent days, according to a new tracking poll conducted for Beacon by the Maine People’s Resource Center. Clinton now holds an eight-point lead over Republican Donald Trump in a statewide race with third-party candidates included, garnering 44% of the vote to Trump’s 36%. In a September poll, Clinton and Trump were virtually tied statewide.

Clinton and Trump are now in a statistical dead heat in the Second Congressional District, at 39% and 40% of the vote respectively in a four-way race. Trump had previously held an 11-point lead in the District.

Clinton leads by 17 points in Maine’s First District, 49% to 32%.

The margins between the major party candidates in this poll are similar to those seen in August, when Clinton held a large national lead in the weeks after the two parties’ conventions. There are some key differences, however, including a decrease in the number of undecided and third-party voters.

The results bode especially well for Clinton, given that a portion of the interviews for the survey were conducted before a tape emerged on Friday of Trump bragging about having committed sexual assault. All interviews for the poll were completed before the Sunday presidential debate.

The survey of 892 likely voters was conducted from October 7th through October 9th by phone and online and has a statistical margin of error of 3.3%, 95 times out of 100.

See the full results here.

Photo via campaign website.


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