PPH poll: Sen. King would destroy Gov. LePage in 2018 match-up

PPH poll: Sen. King would destroy Gov. LePage in 2018 match-up

Maine Governor Paul LePage has said several times in recent town halls and during right-wing radio show appearances that he plans to challenge Sen. Angus King for his seat when his gubernatorial term expires in 2018. A new poll released over the weekend by the Portland Press Herald indicates that LePage would face a steep uphill climb in such a contest.

According to the survey of 467 likely Maine voters conducted earlier this month by the University of New Hampshire (with a margin of error of +/-4.5% at the 95% confidence level), King currently leads such a hypothetical, head-to-head match-up with LePage 63% to 29%, with 8% undecided or preferring another candidate.

King leads among Democrats and independents and even wins the votes of 34% of Republicans, according to the poll’s internal results. He leads among voters of all ages, educational backgrounds, income levels and areas of the state.

2018 is a long time away, and much could happen before any such election were held. The poll also didn’t test the potential effect of a Democratic candidate in the race. Maine may also have switched to a ranked-choice system of balloting by then, depending on the outcome of a referendum on the ballot this November. What’s clear however, is that LePage starts with a distinct disadvantage in any challenge against Maine’s junior senator.

Poll graph via Portland Press Herald.


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