Pres. Obama wins on Iran deal, without Sen. Collins

Pres. Obama wins on Iran deal, without Sen. Collins

The endorsement of four more Democratic senators on Tuesday guaranteed the implementation of the the nuclear disarmament agreement with Iran negotiated by an international coalition and championed by President Barack Obama. With 42 votes now secured, a Presidential veto may not even be necessary to ensure that the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate doesn’t pass a resolution of disapproval.

A few hours after passage of the deal was ensured, Maine Senator Susan Collins finally broke her silence on the issue, declaring that she would join every other Senate Republican in voting against the deal.

Maine’s other senator, Angus King, announced his backing of the agreement more than a month ago, calling the plan “strong and explicit in terms of the burdens it places upon Iran’s nuclear program” and arguing that “the current alternatives if the deal is rejected are either unrealistic or downright dangerous.”

This level of support for the plan was far from guaranteed when the groundbreaking international agreement was announced in July.

“Precious few Beltway insiders predicted that 41 senators would vote in support of the Iran accord, let alone that 41 senators would commit their support even before the vote has taken place,” said peace and disarmament expert Kate Gould of the Friends Committee on National Legislation in a statement on Tuesday. “Today’s milestone is a testament to the indomitable power of a fired-up citizenry pressing their elected representatives to support diplomacy, not war.”

Photo via Twitter/Sen. Susan Collins


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