Rachel Maddow blasts Gov. LePage for veto denying life-saving drug

Rachel Maddow blasts Gov. LePage for veto denying life-saving drug

In a fifteen-minute segment on her MSNBC show last night, Rachel Maddow explored Maine’s heroin epidemic in-depth, discussed Sen. Angus King’s efforts to make the overdose treatment drug nalaxone more widely available and excoriated Governor Paul LePage for vetoing bipartisan legislation to make the medication accessible without a prescription.

“If we have the option to save your life, the governor of that state says we as a society would be better off not saving your life. The State of Maine would prefer that you were dead. We have the option to keep you alive, we’ll choose not to exercise it. Maine’s governor would prefer you dead,” said Maddow.

“I feel like I have a thick skin when it comes to absorbing information about Paul LePage,” she continued. “But this slays me. It’s almost impossible to believe that a politician is making this argument, and not just in an off-the-cuff, stupid, maybe half-drunken kind of remark that they regret later, this is his written statement why he would prefer that some of his constituents should die rather than have their lives easily saved by a drug that costs about five bucks.

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