Rachel Maddow: Maine faces a ‘political crisis’

Rachel Maddow: Maine faces a ‘political crisis’

In a twenty-minute long segment at the beginning of her show on MSNBC on Friday night, Rachel Maddow dug deep into the ongoing meltdown by Maine Governor Paul LePage.

She gave the history of LePage’s racist and violent comments over the last few days, ran the audio of the obscene voicemail he left for Rep. Drew Gattine, and played clips from his interviews with the media, including his comments asserting that “people of color” are “the enemy.”

Maddow also spoke with Portland Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz, who she asked to explain why, after all the things LePage has done and said, are calls for resignation or impeachment now finally reaching a new level of seriousness.

“I think for the first time, some people are getting an unvarnished look and listen at what this guys is all about,” said Nemitz, noting that in the voicemail, LePage’s is obviously speaking in an unfiltered way.

Maddow also noted that the story is receiving greater interest nationally in part due to the strategy of racial division being employed by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.


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