Rep. Pingree, colleagues occupying House floor to force vote on gun bills

Rep. Pingree, colleagues occupying House floor to force vote on gun bills

In a protest against the lack of open debate and votes on stalled gun legislation in the wake of the latest mass shooting in Orlando, a group of House Democrats are currently standing and sitting on the House floor and say they will remain there whenever the House is in session until votes are held on gun safety legislation.

The action follows a series of impassioned speeches by the members of Congress demanding action on bills to prevent suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms and expand background checks for gun sales.

“We are standing up for our constituents who are tired of the excuses and want to see debate and want us to take action on gun violence, and here we are to represent the victims,” said Rep. Chellie Pingree of Maine in a speech from the floor. “It is time for us to stand up to the NRA, to have a fair and open debate about gun violence and it is time for all of us to do our job representing the American people.”

Rep. Pingree’s full remarks can be viewed here.

Following announcement of the sit-in, House Republicans gavelled a recess and turned off the cameras in the chamber, cutting the feed to C-Span, but Democrats are continuing the action and sharing photos and comments using the Twitter hashtag #nobillnobreak.


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