Rep. Poliquin’s votes against Medicare, Social Security come back to haunt him

Rep. Poliquin’s votes against Medicare, Social Security come back to haunt him

Max Richtman, the President and CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, visited Maine last week to support Emily Cain, the Democratic challenger to Second-District Republican Representative Bruce Poliquin. The visit included an endorsement rally at the Social Security office in Bangor and town halls at retirement communities in Bangor and Hampden.

“Our nonpartisan endorsement is based on a review of the records of both candidates,” said Richtman. “What we found is that Congressman Poliquin has voted for devastating cuts to our retirement security, and to put the programs on which Maine seniors rely in the hands of special interests. Poliquin is the wrong choice for seniors. Emily Cain will fight to preserve Medicare and Social Security, and deserves our support.”

Richtman and NCPSSM asked Poliquin to oppose the GOP budget proposal last year, which included cuts to both programs and a privatization plan for Medicare, but Poliquin voted for the measure, saying he was excited to do so.

Poliquin’s Medicare privatization vote is also the focus of a flight of TV ads launched late last month by the pro-campaign finance organization End Citizen’s United.

The Cain campaign also blasted Poliquin for voting against allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices with pharmaceutical companies and against a Fiduciary Rule to protect seniors from malicious financial advice by retirement planners.

Richtman praised Cain for her “leadership, vision and determination to fight for working families and older Americans,” citing her work on senior housing and prescription drug issues in the Maine legislature.

NCPSSM was founded in 1982 by James Roosevelt, the eldest son of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose administration created both the programs the organization now seeks to protect.

“I am deeply honored to earn the support of thousands of Maine seniors and the endorsement of this extraordinary organization,” said Cain in a release. “Our commitments to seniors are not up for negotiation. I will never back down in my promise to protect Medicare and Social Security, nor will I sell out seniors to Wall Street or any other special interest.”


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