Rhyming road signs make case against GOP shutdown

Rhyming road signs make case against GOP shutdown

Backroads across Maine have seen a flowering of signs over the last few days with messages meant to highlight what a state government shutdown would mean for Mainers.

Republican legislative leaders and Governor Paul LePage have threatened to torpedo any budget deal that doesn’t repeal Question 2, the referendum passed in November which instituted a 3% tax surcharge on income over $200,000 to pay for local education. If an agreement isn’t reached by June 5th, a shutdown will be the likely result.

The Burma-Shave-like advertisements are a project of Working Maine and carry several different rhyming messages, including:

Thousands could lose health care / After this July 1st / Over tax breaks for the wealthy / Isn’t that just the worst?

Ticks are disgusting / CDC keeps us healthy / Don’t shut down the state / To give tax cuts to the wealthy / (Looking at you, Republicans)

The signs direct motorists to KeepMaineOpen.com, where Mainers can send a message to their legislators asking them to “respect the will of the voters and reject tax breaks for the wealthy.”



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