Sen. Collins loses her short-term memory, blames Democrats for SCOTUS partisanship

Sen. Collins loses her short-term memory, blames Democrats for SCOTUS partisanship

This week on the Beacon podcast, Ben, Taryn and Mike discuss in detail the legislative hearing on rolling back Maine’s minimum wage law that lasted until 1 a.m. on Wednesday and Ben explains how you can get involved in local meetings to strategize on preventing President Trump’s next health care repeal attempt and passing Medicaid expansion in Maine.

Also: Mainers protest the nuclear option on the filibuster wearing hazmat suits, Sen. Millett’s bill to guarantee paid family leave will be heard on Monday, Ben highly recommends reading this article titled Housekeepers vs. Harvard (and Taryn boos Sheryl Sandberg), and Rep. Melaragno waits ten hours to give three minutes of incredible testimony on standing up for Maine workers.

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Photo via Paul Schafer.


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