Sen. Collins’ vote paves the way for ACA repeal

Sen. Collins’ vote paves the way for ACA repeal

In a late-night vote and despite statements she has made against repealing the Affordable Care Act without replacing it’s central provisions, Maine U.S. Senator Susan Collins joined her Republican colleagues in the Senate in supporting a budget plan that allows them to repeal the health care law without the threat of a Democratic filibuster.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky was the only Republican to oppose the measure.

“The Senate has made a serious mistake tonight,” said Maine’s other U.S. Senator, independent Angus King, following the vote. “The repeal of the Affordable Care Act, without a credible replacement, will have disastrous consequences for tens of thousands of people in Maine and millions more across the country.”

“Not only will it strip more than 75,000 Mainers of their health insurance – some of whom were never able to afford it before or whom were denied it because of a pre-existing condition – but it will also substantially harm rural hospitals across the state, making health care that much harder to get. It doesn’t make any sense, and I’m deeply concerned that it will jeopardize people’s lives,” said King.

Photo via Sen. Collins official website.

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