Sen. King demands Senate consider president’s Supreme Court nominee

In remarks delivered on floor of the Senate on Thursday, U.S. Senator Angus King of Maine called on the Senate to give due consideration to any nominee put forward by the President to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.

“The presidential term is four years, it’s not three years and one month,” said King. “To argue that the Senate will not even hear the nomination, will not discuss it, will not debate it. In fact, some of the members have said they won’t even meet the person, with no knowledge whatsoever of who this person is. The President may nominate a person who is a combination of Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson and St. Thomas Aquinas but he or she is not even going to be met with. I don’t understand that as a matter of interpretation of the Constitution.”

King urged Republican Senators on the Judiciary committee to reconsider their decision to refuse to give a hearing to any nominee put forward by President Obama.


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