Sen. King joins gun safety filibuster

Sen. King joins gun safety filibuster

Maine Senator Angus King joined dozens of his Senate colleagues in supporting a filibuster by Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut in an attempt to force Republicans to allow a vote on legislation to prevent individuals on federal terror watch lists from obtaining guns. The filibuster ended after nearly 15 hours after Republicans tentatively agreed to allowing a vote on that measure and an amendment mandating background checks for firearms sales at gun shows and over the internet.

“I just got off the floor of the Senate, where I was proud to stand with my friend Sen. Chris Murphy in his filibuster demanding the Senate take action on gun safety,” said King on in a Facebook post last night. “The fact is, it is time for us to update our gun laws in order to take into account the new threats facing our country — it is critical for us in the Senate to act in order to uphold our constitutional duty and keep the American people safe.”

During his remarks, Maine’s junior senator received some support on Twitter from TV host Samantha Bee:

Watch Sen. King’s comments here:

Mainers will vote on a referendum in November to require background checks for gun sales with the intent of preventing dangerous individuals from buying guns anonymously from unlicensed sellers.

King, speaking just after 9 p.m., noted that 10 people had been killed by gun violence since the filibuster began.


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