Small business group’s radio ads criticize Fredette, Maine House GOP on state budget

Maine Small Business Coalition Director Will Ikard testifies in Augusta

Maine Small Business Coalition Director Will Ikard testifies in Augusta

“Ken Fredette and the House Republicans are threatening to shut down the state government unless they can get more tax breaks for the rich,” intones a new ad running on Maine radio stations, sponsored by the Maine Small Business Coalition (MSBC). “Tell him we need a bi-partisan budget that helps Maine’s families and small businesses, not just the wealthy and large corporations.”

The ads express the frustration of small business owners with House Republicans’ insistence on a state budget that cuts taxes for the wealthiest Mainers, a stance that could force a shutdown that harms small businesses and local communities across the state.

“Small business owners continue to be disappointed with House Republicans clinging to the failed policies of trickle-down economics, and that they’re willing to paralyze our state government to pursue them,” said Will Ikard, director of MSBC. “Small business owners see every day the true drivers of out local economies – working Mainers who spend their money at our stores and restaurants. The best way to strengthen our local communities is to pass policies that ensure all Mainers can afford to participate in our economy.”

On Saturday, the Joint Appropriations Committee passed a compromise budget; however, House Republicans and Governor LePage have pledged to oppose any budget deal that does not include tax cuts for top income-earners.

“When the super-wealthy get a tax cut, they invest it in Wall Street,” said Alex Jackimovicz, owner of Jackimovicz Electrics in Boothbay and a member of the MSBC Steering Committee. “That’s great if you own a hedge fund or are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but not if you own a small business here in Maine. When working Mainers do better, they spend more in their towns and the entire community prospers together. That’s why we support the compromise budget and why we’re running these ads.”


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