Some of the best photos from Maine women’s marchers

Some of the best photos from Maine women’s marchers

Tens of thousands of Maine women and allies marched in Washington D.C., Boston, and closer to home in Portland and Augusta on Saturday. The streets were clogged, pink hats were everywhere and social media was flooded with photos and videos of signs of resistance and hope for the future.

Here are just a few of our favorite photos of Maine marchers, gathered from Instagram. Would you like to share your own? Add it to the comments below!

#womensmarch #ibelieve #maine #protest

A post shared by Alec Maybarduk (@alecmaybarduk) on

Like many Jedi before me I am ready to fight in a Resistance led by women… #womensmarch

A post shared by Will Robinson (@wrobin5626) on

Planned Parenthood has helped to make me the mother I am today. #IstandwithPlannedParenthood #womensmarchmaine #formydaughter

A post shared by Kate Del Vecchio (@tendersolesfarm) on

An amazing day in Augusta at the Women's March of Maine. #womensmarchmaine

A post shared by Betsy Tesh (@betsy_tesh) on

About 15,000 for the #womensmarch #womensmarchmaine #protest ##notmypresident #democracy

A post shared by Michele A Caron (@micheleacaron) on

It's a movement, not a moment. #womensmarch #portlandme #maine #womensmarchportland #womensmarchmaine #nogroping

A post shared by christine (@christiiinep) on

#littlebutfierce #womensmarchmaine #wearestrong #pussypower

A post shared by Jennie Tavares (@radical.yogi) on

#womensmarchonwashington #womensmarchmaine #thisiswhatdemocracylookslike

A post shared by Lindi (@lindeeezyy) on

DC trains are packed today for the #womensmarch – grab your… hats!

A post shared by Diane Russell (@misswrite207) on

This what democracy looks like. #mainewomensmarch

A post shared by Maine Young Democrats (@maineyoungdems) on

We joined the 10,000 strong march in Augusta. Proud of these #NastyWomen

A post shared by David Farmer (@dfarmer14) on

A post shared by Brian Hubbell (@hubbellbrian) on

Women's March on ME in Augusta. Way more than 5,000 people. #mepolitics #WomensMarch #WomensMarchME

A post shared by Mario Moretto (@riocarmine) on

#notmypresident #womensmarch #mainepolitics

A post shared by Daniel Alexander Sipe (@sipedan) on

Women rising!

A post shared by Eloise Vitelli (@eloise.vitelli) on

All kinds of people.

A post shared by Darren (@darrenfishell) on

#thisiswhatafeministlookslike #girls #ourfuture #womensmarchmaine

A post shared by Jennie Tavares (@radical.yogi) on

Rise up. . . . .#womenswalkportlandme #womenswalk #womensmarch #womensmarchportlandme #womensmarchmaine

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