Speaker Eves responds to Gov. LePage’s ‘socialist’ attack

Speaker Eves responds to Gov. LePage’s ‘socialist’ attack

Democratic House Speakers Mark Eves has issued a written response to Gov. LePage’s insult-laden letter, which was sent to legislative leaders today as a replacement for Maine’s traditional State of the State address:

“While Governor LePage uses the word ‘socialist’ over ten times in his letter, not once does he mention our children or our veterans. Not once does he talk about Maine schools or our teachers. Instead of proposing targeted ways to address the needs of our families, including combating rising costs of housing, food, and healthcare, he instead ignores what Mainers really care about to rail against bipartisan lawmakers who disagree with him.

In reality, the people he accuses of being ‘socialist politicians’ in Augusta span the political spectrum; they are teachers, small business owners, nonprofit leaders, and innovators who continue to pass meaningful reforms that better the lives of Mainers while the governor sits on the sidelines throwing temper tantrums.”

The exchange comes a day before the House is set to vote on a taxation package proposed by Governor LePage which contains a new tax credit targeted at large businesses that bought business equipment last year and that is projected to cost the state $23 million. Eves opposed the tax break in an op-ed published today, writing that he “[didn’t] think Mainers should foot the bill to underwrite the bottom lines of corporations who are not continuing to do business here.”

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