Speaker Eves takes strong stand for transgender Mainers

Speaker Eves takes strong stand for transgender Mainers

In a powerful op-ed in the Portland Press Herald this morning, Maine House Speaker Mark Eves called for acceptance and understanding for transgender Mainers. Quoting Martin Luther King, he urged readers to stand up against the discriminatory policies and widespread hatred that have caused 41 percent of transgender people to attempt suicide.

“In what is becoming a hallmark of American history, in our fear, in our ignorance and in the empty place of an answer strong enough to defend against hate, we have once again turned our backs on each other.

Good people shy away from defending transgender rights, avoid the hard questions at the dinner table and turn off the news so we can ignore the pit in our stomach that says we should be braver, that we should have said something,” writes Eves.

The column comes after a series of attacks by Maine Governor Paul LePage targeting transgender children, including joining a lawsuit against the Obama administration for distributing guidelines to protect transgender students.

“Fellow Mainers, we have to stop deepening the darkness. Inaction and silence do not absolve us of the responsibility to refuse to accept discrimination, segregation or violence against any single person, in our state and across our country,” writes Eves. Read the whole op-ed here.


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