Susan Deschambault wins Maine Senate special election with progressive economic message

Susan Deschambault wins Maine Senate special election with progressive economic message

Democrat Susan Deschambault, a retired social worker, beat Republican Steve Martin in the District 32 special Senate election in York County yesterday with 58% of the vote. Deschambault received 1,785 votes to Martin’s 1,299.

Deschambault will serve out the remainder of the term of Senator David Dutremble, a Democrat who resigned in January after revealing his battle with alcoholism.

Deschambault ran a campaign focused on standing up for everyday Mainers.

“Building an economy that benefits everyone, not just the wealthy, will be my priority in Augusta,” said Deschambault as she launched her campaign. “Working people juggle their finances to make ends meet. The cost of housing, health care and putting food on the table continues to rise and average Americans are struggling to keep their heads above water.”

She took specific issue with the priorities of the Republican-controlled senate she will now join.

“Fewer and fewer people are fighting for everyday Mainers. When the discussion is about giving corporate tax breaks over fully funding our schools, we know it’s time for a change.”

Photo via campaign website.


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