These Maine Representatives stood up for raising the minimum wage

These Maine Representatives stood up for raising the minimum wage

In case you were wondering who to thank, here are the Representatives who spoke in favor of increasing the minimum wage to $9.50 by 2018 on the House floor yesterday. The measure passed with all the Democrats and independents present voting in favor and all the Republicans voting against. The bill will go to the Senate today, where it is likely to be voted down by the Republican majority.

The Maine People’s Alliance and the AFL-CIO are currently gathering signatures to place a minimum wage increase on the ballot which would raise the wage to $9 in 2017 and then a dollar a year to $12 in 2020, where it would be indexed to the cost of living.

Click on a representative’s name to visit their Facebook page (if available), where you can leave them a note of support.


Rep. Dillon Bates (D – Westbrook)

“The need to raise the minimum wage is very real and could not be more evident.”


Rep. Scott Hamann (D – South Portland)

“When people have more money in their pocket, it’s good for the economy, plain and simple.”


Rep. Heidi Brooks (D – Lewiston)

“Moving towards a livable wage would lift everybody.”


Rep. Paul Gilbert (D – Jay)

“The wage stopped keeping up with inflation long ago and we need to bring it up to date with our current economy. […] I would have liked to see it go to $12, but we all make compromises.”


Rep. Erin Herbig (D – Belfast)

“Our economy is out of balance and this imbalance is rooted in stagnant wages and staggering inequality. […]¬† No one working 40 hours a week should be living in poverty.”


Rep. Peter Stuckey (D – Portland)

“What Representative Herbig said.”


Rep. Ryan Fecteau (D – Biddeford)

“Earning a minimum wage as a young person is important for saving up and making sure you can afford to pay off student loans, so you can afford to pay for textbooks, so you can afford to then have the economic freedom to do what you want after you graduate and not have to be in servitude to student loan debt.”


Patricia Hymanson (D-York)

“It has been ten years that we have not had a minimum wage increase, and most statewide referendums that have gained momentum and have passed are for much higher wage increases.”



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